September 27, 2016


documenting your pregnancy with Pearhead!

It’s hard to believe that I am already on month 6 of this pregnancy. 25 weeks?! And this child is supposably the size of a cabbage, which I can definitely believe because I’m feeling large and in charge these days and seriously wondering how I’m gonna manage to make any more room for him in there. The thing that’s the most different about this pregnancy, than my last, is that I’ve got my husband here this go-around to take weekly photos of me, go with me to doctors appointments and help assemble all the fun baby gear! Some of you may remember that when I was pregnant with Asher, he was deployed to Afghanistan… Left when I was around 8 weeks pregnant and returned home when I was 34 weeks pregnant.. so he missed all the fun in-between stuff and I missed having him around. It’s crazy to think the small things that we take for granted and I couldn’t imagine not having him here this pregnancy.

With that being said, we’ve had fun documenting my growing belly, thus far. I wasn’t the best about documenting my growing belly with Asher, so this time I’m trying to take weekly and monthly photos. To make my documenting super easy, my wonderful friends over at PEARHEAD sent me this adorable chalkboard that’s just the right size and perfect for documenting my forever growing belly. I’m going to try to do this weekly, as I progress, and compare these photos in the end. So stay tuned! And hope that I make some room in there because as of right now I think I may burst! 😉

Be sure to check out PEARHEAD on their website HERE and you can ordered your chalkboard HERE.


Happy Tuesday friends! xo!


September 21, 2016


Labor Day weekend we decided to head to the coast for a few days of R+R. It’s been such a busy summer for us that a little time to recharge, before the fall and upcoming holiday season, was totally needed. The perk to being back in the south is that we are only a short and easy days drive from the beach! And since Asher’s been to the Atlantic and the Pacific, we decided to take him on his first Gulf trip to the beautiful Orange Beach, Alabama, which is nestled right smack-dab in the middle of Alabama’s beautiful coastal beaches. If you haven’t been yet, it’s a must!

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fun + affordable gulf coast family vacation! click thru to read more... We had three goals planned for this little mini vaca – relax, eat good food and spend quality time together, which we most certainly did. Our days were filled with watching the sunrise, coffee on the beach, sandcastles (lots and lots of sandcastles), afternoon naps, delicious dinners, evening sunsets, and crab hunting. It was magical. The weather this trip was a little so-so (thanks Hermine), but our days were still great. There’s just something about slow, overcast beach days that are good for the + affordable gulf coast family vacation! click thru to read more... fun + affordable gulf coast family vacation! click thru to read more...

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