I’m sure you remember the “before” I posted of our laundry room space a few months back… if not, you can see it HERE… but since, we’ve completed the space and it came together ever so perfectly! You see, we totally skipped out on this room when the house was being built. We ran into some budget issues, and to cut cost, we decided to do the bare minimum in the laundry and finish the project ourselves at a later date… almost two years later!Since we opted to do this space ourselves, we were able to customize it to our liking and stay on a serious budget, which we did. Our budget for this project was $500 and we managed to stay UNDER THAT! Can you believe it!? I’ll list all the source details below, but the biggest expense was the cabinets and we purchased those from Lowe’s when they were having a sale. We had to get really creative with this space. It’s a super tiny one and very narrow so making it a mud, laundry, where the dog is kenneled room, was a little tricky, but we managed and I love how it turned out! Here are all the details about the space below. If you have any question please feel free to ask or send me an email! You can shop all products and similar ones at the bottom of the post! xx!Cabinets – The cabinets we actually sourced at Lowe’s. They were running a 30% off cabinet sell and combined with Jacob’s 10% Veteran discount, we ended up getting them for 40% off. A huge steal! They were unfinished oak front cabinets that we opted to paint. The uppers are Sherwin William “Aesthetic White” and the lower cabinet is Sherwin Williams “Poolhouse”.
Counter Top – For the countertop we had to get a little creative. I wanted a butcher block top to add some different texture to the room, but they can be pricey depending on where you look. We ended up getting an ikea butcher block table top, sawing it down to the size we needed, and install it on top of the cabinet ourselves. I think these run around $70 and the piece is a pretty nice size. Definitely check out what they have to offer. This one is real wood, super durable, and looks so sharp!Board & Batten – I begged Jacob to install some board and batten in here, which was actually super easy AND super cheap! I think we spent under $30 on boards of MDF and it’s one of my favorite things about the space. I wanted something that kinda customized they room and it certainly did the trick! I ended up painting it with a semi gloss once it was up, which makes it easier to wipe down!Hooks – Every mudroom needs a good set of hooks and these came from Schoolhouse. Let me just say that I love Schoolhouse and can rarely afford anything from there, but these hooks were solid cast iron and $8 each so I managed. Best $24 I ever spent.Washer & Dryer – As for the washer and dryer, we originally didn’t have front loaders, but since the space is small and narrow, front loaders just worked better. My friends at GE Appliances kindly gifted the set to us and we are in love! We went we GE Appliances in the kitchen when building the house and they are a favorite. Rock solid, quiet, wash large load sizes, and use minimal water and energy. We originally had top loaders in the space, but they just didn’t work like a set of front loaders would in the space. These are the “right height” edition, so they make it super easy on short people like myself! GE knows how to make a great appliance! Rug – The rug in here is a little large, but since this is the first room you come into off of the garage, I wanted it so catch any and all dirt, if possible. I went with my favorite jute rug (linked below) in a size 2×8 and it works well in the space. It’s easy to vacuum or even sweep, gives the room some texture and doesn’t show stains. I’ve owned a few of these jute rugs and they are a favorite! The wear so incredibly well! Wall Paint – For the wall paint in this room the walls are Sherwin Williams “extra white” and the board and batten is painted “pure white”. It’s a gradual offset from the walls and it looks nice!

Stool – Since I’m short (5’3), I needed a stool in the space to reach the upper cabinets. I went with this Ikea stool (linked below) because it is handy, a good size and looks nice in the space. 

Other decorative touches in the space includes a curtain under the countertop to hide the dogs kennel, a framed laundry soap recipe of my great grandmothers, a plant and jars full of things I grab everyday when doing laundry, clothes pins and wool dryer walls. Overall I think the space really came together and I’m glad we decided to save money when building by opting to do this project ourselves at a later date!





Summer is officially here and technically it’s been here since early May for those of us in the South. Right now we are experiencing July weather in June! It’s hard to say what the rest of the summer will have in store for us and if this burst of crazy hot + humid weather is any indication, than I just might melt! 

With that being said, I always break out the summer linens this time of the year and tuck away our heavier linens for the cooler months. I’ve had linen sheets on the bed during the warmer months for two years in a row now and I seriously can’t go without them! They are cool and wear so well for the summer months.. not to mention I’m slightly obsessed with linen. It feels great, washes great, looks great, keeps you cool in the summer and is just a really high quality fabric.

My go-to linen sheets are this set pictured below from The Company Store. My love for The Company Store runs pretty deep, like I can remember my mom getting the catalog in the mail when I was a kid and gifting me a monogramed duvet cover for Christmas one year. I still have that duvet cover and it’s held up well over the years! These sheets have as well. And I can’t say enough good things about them. They make a good nights sleep in a Mississippi summer much more doable! 

When pairing these linens together, I kept it fairly simple. The Comfort Wash Solid Linen bedding is my favorite linen set that The Company Store offers so I paired one solid set and added some linen creamsicle pillow cases for a touch of color. I always keep our bedding minimal in the summer months, so adding a gauzy blanket was the perfect icing on the cake. It’s light, breathable, and offers enough warmth as well. Not to mention that it wears well through multiple washes (I like to wash my sheets weekly), doesn’t pull, and withstands two busy little boys and a dog.

I love the pop of color that the creamsicle cases add. I usually like to keep things pretty neutral, but adding some color in here really warmed up the room and made the vintage rug that I have pop. You can find this set of sheets from The Company Store HERE along with the blanket which can be found HERE. I linked the other sources in the room below! xo!



IMG_2172Summer break is in full swing here, which also means that I’ve got two kiddos at home all week long, which also means that mom is BUSY. I love summer break, but I often find myself tired and dragging, particularly in the mornings. I often like to get up an hour or so before the boys, so not I only I have a little time to myself to check emails, unload the dishwasher, or get a head start on breakfast, but to also get my thoughts together and plan out the day. Coffee is of course a staple in my morning routine and I often find myself turning on the Keurig as soon as I step foot into the kitchen. There is just something about sipping coffee in peace and planning out the day that makes my mornings just flow and gives me the boost I need to plug through the day.

With that being said, last week, while browsing the coffee aisle at Target, I came across a new coffee that I was eager to try. The makers of Folger released a new brand called 1850 Brand Coffee and it is SO good you guys! Bold, earthy and rich in flavor, which is a must for me. It of course comes in ground coffee and K-Cups, which is also a must! I’m a terrible coffee maker and the ease of K-Cups makes my mornings so much easier! The coffee is smooth and not bitter and offers that coffee shop strength with a flavor I enjoy drinking!

Speaking of flavors, 1850 Brand Coffee comes in FOUR really bold and wonderful flavors.. Flavors that are also unique and unlike any I’ve ever had. The flavors include; Lantern Glow, Pioneer Blend, Trailblazer, and Black Gold. I purchased the Black Gold and Pioneer Blend to give me a variety throughout the week. The Black Gold is a deep dark roast, while the Pioneer Blend is a lighter medium roast – a perfect flavor for an afternoon iced coffee.

For myself, every bold decision I’ve ever made started with a bold morning. In 1850, J.A. Folger thought of just that when he created a new and innovative coffee to help makers, creators, and busy bees, like myself seek not only their day, but their plans and dreams. Today people are still doing just that and there is no better way to fuel passion and bold ideas than with a bold and rich cup of coffee first thing in the morning. 1850 Brand Coffee is the official coffee for bold people that aids in fueling our ideas, endeavors, and dreams. Nothing helps you more with the hustle than a cup of 1850 Brand Coffee first thing in the morning!

That is why I choose 1850 Brand Coffee to start my mornings with. It gives me the boldness and boost I need for the day and to fulfill my maker dreams! It allows me to start my mornings off on the right foot and that is just what a busy mom needs! Be sure to check out 1850 Brand Coffee at your local Target  and while your there be sure to add the cartwheel offer! 1850 Brand Coffee is 20% off through June 30th or while supplies last!

How do you start your morning? IMG_2177IMG_2181IMG_2175IMG_2178

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IMG_1994My living room assembly continues… and now it’s onto the rug dilemma and I’m almost ashamed to admit that I had four different rugs in this space until I finally found one that worked. First I started with one that was too small, then another that was just too busy, and a jute one, then a shag one (you wouldn’t believe the amount of cheerios I found in it when I rolled it up) until I finally found the one that worked.

And you know what?!

It worked MUCH better than I anticipated and I was able to get everything that I wanted in a rug…. light, airy, easy to clean, good for high traffic areas, kid proof.. the list goes on and on! PARENTS THIS IS THE RUG FOR YOU!!!!

So what is this amazing rug you ask? Well it’s actually carpet tiles from FLOR. Never in a million years would I have thought that carpet tiles would have solved my rug issue, but they are so practical for busy families that are hard on things (aka – mine) and for rooms that have odd sizing (also mine).

I ended up going with a lighter color since our floors are a tad bit on the dark side and I love the way it turned out! I used 28 tiles to get this shape and the size ended up being just what the room needed. I went for a simpler tile look – Made You Look in Bone. I liked the look of this floor tile and the feel of it. It’s also easy to vacuum, which was a must!

I’m still on the lookout for some artwork in this space. They say design takes time and my goodness is that the truth with this living room of ours. Carefully adding pieces into the space that are functional, like these FLOR tiles, has been a challenge. Now that I have these in the living room I wanna FLOR tile my entire house. I just can’t get over how functional these are and I’m like “WHERE WERE THESE ALL MY LIFE?!” ….

I’m telling ya, if you’ve got kids, pets, or just want a rug option thats easy to clean and looks sharp, these are a must! Trust me! IMG_1985IMG_1982IMG_2015IMG_1992IMG_2027

Stay tuned – I’ll be sharing a full home tour soon!