December 22, 2014


With 2014 quickly coming to an end.. I mean I can't believe it's almost Christmas! I've decided to share a few of my favorite DIY posts that I did this past year. Most of these projects were silly ideas that popped in my little head and low and behold they came to life! I must I'm quite proud of a few of these... 2015 will be FULL of more super fun, easy, and affordable (you know I'm all about saving the pennies!) projects! Stay tuned and here are my favorites from 2014!

DIY WASHI TAPE WALL DECALS - What a fun and popular project this was! I had been wanting to use wall decals in Ashers room for sometime and just couldn't justify spending the money on them since this wasn't our forever home. I improvised with a few $3 dollar rolls and washi tape and what do ya know! If turned out fantastic! You can see the full tutorial here.

DIY MIFFY INSPIRED TREAT BAGS - These were so fun to make! And perfect for Easter! You can see the full tutorial here

DIY FIRETRUCK BIRTHDAY - Seems like this happened just yesterday! Parties don't have to cost a fortune. See how to stay frugal and create this fun firetruck party here

DIY PLANT HANGER - I love plants and this plant hanger was easy and fun to make! You can see the full tutorial here

DIY COMPASS BANNER - I had seen so many fun banners floating around the internet and decided to make this fun one for Asher's gallery wall in his room. You can see the full tutorial here

DIY CACTUS PILLOW - This was another fun diy that was just a random idea that popped into my head and came to life! I just adore this fun little pillow! You can see the how to here

Happy Monday friends! 


December 16, 2014


Every year I swear our tree gets more and more awesome! This year has probably been the best yet. Our tree is full of fun ornaments, bright lights, and some vintage treasures. Growing up, my mom would always put a tree up that was probably 12ft tall. I remember we would always have to wait for my dad to string the lights on it because it was so enormous! It was full of handmade ornaments my sister and I made throughout the years, fun garland, and candy canes.. Oh the nostalgia...

This year I wanted to do something fun for our tree topper. We usually stick to the classic star but I wanted to change it up! I had a wild idea up my sleeve to use a balloon for a tree topper this year. I figured it would be fun and different. I reached out to my favorite balloon shop ever, Northstar Balloons, and like usual they had exactly what I was looking for.... (You may remember the number "2" balloon I used for Asher 2nd birthday party and if not you can see it here)... I went with a letter "L" since it is the first initial of our last name and I love how it turned out. It defiantly finished off the tree and really made it sparkle! And best of all it was SO easy to make! Here's the how to!

You will need:

A Northstar Balloon of your choice! I went with their smaller letter balloon.
Fishing Wire

-Air your balloon up. These balloons come with a straw for you to air up.. so easy! 
- Clip the loose ends. Cut any loose tags off of the balloon but be sure not to cut the balloon!
- Tie to tree using fishing wire! 

Pretty easy huh? 

I hope you all enjoyed this easy DIY post and be sure to check out Northstar Balloons on Facebook and Instagram