January 27, 2015


How to REALLY save money with coupons and coupon apps! I don’t know about you guys, but we spend quite a bit of money on groceries each month. Gah they are just so high these days…  A few years ago I got fed up with our grocery bill. I felt like we were spending SO much money on groceries and we would hardly get anything. And yet I was STILL finding myself running to the store every week for something… it just wasn’t working. I had slowly been clipping coupons here and there (mostly for diapers) and that was about the time Target released their super handy Cartwheel app. Jacob and I both decided it was time to really start cutting our grocery bill down. With a new baby and an upcoming move, we just had too many things going on be blowing so much $ on groceries. I started meal planning every week, which I still do to this day… It has been SO SO effective for us. Not only is it something kinda fun we do together on the weekends, but it’s really given us some experience in the kitchen. We are forever trying new dishes, eating things we normally wouldn’t, and we almost always eat fresh… No boxed or frozen dinners.

A few weeks went buy with meal planning and we noticed that our grocery bill was slowly decreasing. I finally just gave in and decided to give the whole couponing thing a try.. I watched like 2 seasons of “Extreme Couponers” on Netflix (I probably shouldn’t admit that) and was totally intimidated … So I don’t recommend that you do that.. Those people are coupon OBSESSED. I started with a few sites like, redplum, and target’s printable coupons. Still to this day I rarely get coupons from a newspaper. I can usually find them online and most of the time the coupons in the paper are things we don’t normally eat.

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A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2015….

Asher’s been obsessed with water paints here lately. We picked him up a Paw Patrol water paint book from the store last week and I bet he’s painted almost all of the pages in it. I love watching him embrace his creative side. It makes my heart warm and fuzzy. I love this boy. So much.