March 4, 2015


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetYou may remember me me sharing a few of our favorite snack a few months ago on the blog and since Asher’s discovered a few other fun snack that he loves. And I love that he loves them! We are always trying new things so I will keep you guys up to date on our favorites! As for now here is what Asher is currently snacking on….

Organic Banana Chips – I picked up some organic banana chips from our grocery stores bulk foods isle a few weeks ago just to see if Asher would like them and he’s been obsessed ever since! They are delicious and nutritious!

Cereal – cereal isn’t only a great go to for the mornings but also a great take along snack! A few of our favorites are these fruity Cheerios, Cascadian Farms, and Vans!

Blackberries – Frozen or fresh, Asher has been snacking on yummy blackberries here lately. I used to always just stick them in his smoothies, but when I ran out of blueberries for him to snack on the other night I substituted blackberries instead and he loved them!

Annie’s White Cheddar Bunnies – We are diehard Annie’s fans over here and love all of their amazing snack + meal options. I always have their cheddar bunnies and bunny grams on hand. Annie’s products are delicious and made from the heart! You can pick up Annie’s products at Target and other grocery stores.

Cucumbers – Cucumbers are a great little snack and even better if your little one is teething! They have been a lifesaver as Asher has cut his 2 year molars.

Cuties – Cuties aren’t just super yummy to snack on but they are also certified GMO free which is a big thing to factor in when purchasing snacks for your family. There are SO many GMO’s in the stores these days and GMO’s cause SO SO many issues… especially with kids. I try to buy organic, GMO free, and in season products as much as I possibly can!

What are some snacks your little one enjoys eating? xo!


February 25, 2015


So I don’t know if I would really call this a DIY project or maybe more of an Ikea hack or just a random idea that I had…. Anyway I had been looking for a nice little nightstand for Asher that would fit well next you his toddler bed. The problem that I was running into was that most nightstands were made to fit next to a regular bed and were too tall to set next to a toddler bed. I did find a few nightstands that worked but the price of them was just a little bit insane!Ikea Hack! Stool to Toddler nightstand!

When we were in Cali I picked up this Ikea stool on one of my little Ikea runs and I hadn’t really used it. Why, I don’t really know it was just always tucked away. Anyway I headed to Pinterest to get some ideas and decided that this little stool would be a perfect little nightstand for Asher’s room. I contemplated painting it, but I really liked the natural feel of the wood and think it compliments the rest of his room quite well.

Ikea Hack! Stool to Toddler nightstand!

I accessorized the little stand with a few of his favorite books we like to read before bed and a shinny yellow bus! The handy thing about having a nightstand is that he is able to set his glasses and sippy cup on it at night before he heads to bed.

Ikea Hack! Stool to Toddler nightstand!

Ikea Hack! Stool to Toddler nightstand!

Ikea Hack! Stool to Toddler nightstand!

Ikea Hack! Stool to Toddler nightstand!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that this stool is around $15! $15 for a nightstand is almost unheard of these days!

I’m loving how his little space is coming together. Every time we move to a different home, I always enjoy creating a fun little space for him. I’d love to rip the carpet up and paint over those hideous beige walls, but our apartment complex would probably not approve. Each rental we live in always reassures me of what I really want in a home that we will own. And I’m praying we are in a home by early summer.

What do you think of this little night stand? You can purchase the stool here. This stool is available for shipping on Ikea’s website as well so if you aren’t close to one, no worries! It also comes in a few different colors as well!

Bed –
Light – Color Cord Company
Night stand – Ikea
+ Blanket – Wren + Rumor
A Print – Olive + Birch

Happy Wednesday friends!