July 27, 2014


22 months ago I would have never imagined that Asher would have breastfed this long. Hell I thought 6 months was going to be an obstacle to reach. I'm so proud of myself and my body for giving me the ability to nourish Asher this long, but with him turning 2 in a few short months, I've decided it's time to start weaning....

Making the decision to wean Asher hasn't been an easy one.. I feel like I've done a pretty good job at making it this far and truthfully I'm ready to have "my girls" back. That may seem selfish of myself to some, but I think we all experience our own "mama" obstacles that we have to face. Nursing has been such an incredible experience and I wouldn't change it for anything. 
We've started off by taking baby steps at this whole weaning process. Asher eats 3 meals, 2 snacks, and drinks whole milk throughout the day so I know he is getting plenty to eat. At night we have our usual evening routine and Asher goes to bed, without nursing, like a champ. Our biggest obstacle is the middle of the night. Asher usually wakes up around 3-4 A.M. and won't go back to sleep without nursing. I will usually get up and nurse him back to sleep. I've tried other things to get him back to sleep and even my husband attending to him instead of myself, but the child puts up one hell of a fight... and at 4 A.M. we are both to sleepy to fight with him. Occasionally he will ask to nurse throughout the day and instead of giving in, I've been offering him other snacks and trying to turn his attention to other things... 

I never imagined when I started nursing him that weaning would be the issue I had to face. I'm so blessed to have been able to nurse Asher into his toddler years. I feel like weaning wasn't really something anyone ever mentioned to me or how hard it would be... I mean it seemed like everyone gave me advice on nursing related issues, but weaning was never one of them. I'm hoping that this process will go smoothly and be an easy transition for the both of us. 

If any of you have any advice/tips, I would love to hear them! XO!

July 24, 2014


So I'm totally on the cactus trend bandwagon this year and quite obsessed with them. Living out here in the High Desert totally fuels that obsession as well. I literally see them everywhere I go... And I love it! I had added a few desert inspired touches to Asher room and was on the hunt for a cactus pillow. Of course I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for... When I was home on my little vacation I was checking out some old quilts, that my grandma had, that were bind together with yarn and a light bulb totally went off in my head. This pattern I created is super easy to follow. Trust me.. I still consider myself a beginner in the sewing department.

sewing machine
1/2 yd. Fabric (washed, I always wash my fabric prior to using it)
1 yd. Yarn
thread (same color as fabric or close in color) 
needle (large enough to thread yarn thru) 
stuffing (you can find it at any craft store and even Walmart)
cardboard or something to create you pattern with 

You will want to create a pattern to the desired size and shape of cactus you are wanting. I did the basic cactus shape and basically free handed my drawing onto a manila folder. The folder was a perfect height for the size of pillow that I was going for. If you are having trouble drawing a cactus I recommend that you view this tutorial HERE
Next you will want to pin you pattern down onto your fabric and cut around it. If tracing your pattern is easier, feel free to trace your pattern onto your fabric. 
Be sure to secure your pins before cutting!
Now you should have something that looks like this... If the edges aren't perfect don't worry. You will sew about 1/4 of an inch in so they won't be seen!
Next you will want to pin your fabric so it stays in place when sewing and sew around the entire perimeter of the cactus leaving a small opening at the "stem" where you will insert your stuffing. Be sure to sew 1/4 of an inch in using a basic stitch. 
Your cactus should now look something like this... 
Trim any threads and turn your cactus inside out so the seams are hidden. 
Give the cactus a good ironing and begin stuffing your cactus. You will want the cactus to be pretty firm so put plenty of stuffing in it. And remember a little goes a long way with stuffing! 
After you stuff the cactus, sew up the bottom of the cactus. You can either hand stitch the bottom or run it under your machine like I did... Probably not the prettiest finish, but it will do.
Lastly you are going to want to create your "thorns" for your cactus. To do this you will need to thread a needle with a small piece of yarn (maybe 4in or so) thru the fabric. Leave a small amount of fabric between the holes (shown above) because you are going to tie the yarn in a double knot. 
Repeat this step for the entire cactus until you have the amount of "thorns" you want for your cactus. 
And that's it! Pretty easy huh!? Now it's time to show off your hard work! ;) 

What do you think? Do you like this DIY cactus pillow? Are you as crazy about cactuses as I am? If you try this project out I would love to see it! Tag me on IG #everythingemilyblog or feel free to email me a photo of your finished product! 

Happy Friday Loves!