February 10, 2016


When I started potty training Asher, about this time last year, I didn’t really know where to start. After reading some helpful information from other mama blogs and chatting with family and friends I decided to give it a go… Little did I know it would take six months or so to really get Asher fully potty trained. Not so much with getting him to use to the potty or having accidents, but the whole bathroom process… pulling down pants, pulling up pants, wiping, flushing toilet, washing hands.. you know, the whole shebang, because in all reality, he had to independently do these things before starting preschool.

So here we are, nearly a year later and I have an independent little bathroom user who’s confident with using the potty and I am so glad. We had a fairly easy go around with potty training, but I credit a lot of it to the potty we chose to use, the Ubbi 3 in 1 Potty. It made for an easy start to finish and I still use it to this day. Not so much for the potty part, since he stands to potty now, but for the stool portion of it. I love baby/kid products that are functional and this is definitely one of them! Ubbi has been our go to for many products. I’m obsessed with their diaper pail and we use their tweat snack container every morning for a snack on the way to school. They definitely dominate in the kid department and the 3 in 1 Potty is a MUST!

Here’s why we love the Ubbi 3 in 1 Potty!

ubbi 3 in 1 potty FUNCTIONAL¬†– here’s what you get with this potty, a stool that also acts as a base, a toilet trainer that attaches to the stool, a removable bowl that’s easy to remove and clean and a hook to hang the seat on when it’s not in use. this might seem like a lot of stuff, but the fact that it all fits together, even the hook can be thrown into the bottom of the seat, is genius… not to mention the potty isn’t huge. It’s just the right size and the PERFECT height. This is the only potty I’ve seen that sits a little higher. Asher’s knees were actually at a level angle and not about to touch his chin when using this seat.

IMG_9007 copy

TRANSITIONAL – What I love about this potty is that it is all you really need to fully potty train with. We started with the base + seat on the floor and after Asher got the hang of that we graduated to the seat on the toilet and base as a stool to help him sit down on the big toilet. After he mastered that we introduced standing to potty and he picked it up pretty quickly! Now we use the stool by the sink so he can reach it to wash his hands, brush his teeth, etc. The potty transitions with your little one so it makes training easy. I didn’t have to introduce a new seat to Asher halfway through the process or have to worry about him getting used to something new, which is really important. Kids are fairly regiment at this age so constancy is key with potty training, even down to the products being used.

QUALITY – The quality of this potty is amazing. The base/stool is sturdy and has rubber on the top and sides to prevent any slips or falls. The seat is molded into a nice shape to fit your little ones bum, has rubber around the slide to prevent it from slipping on the toilet seat and also has an adjustable piece that secures it to the toilet to prevent it from moving around when your little one sits down on it. The bowl piece has a high splash shield (a must for boys) and withstands many washes.

HANDY – Aside from being functional, this potty is so very handy! The seat is light enough to pack in a bag. I usually like to pack the seat with me if we go to the zoo or heavily populated areas. Those huge public toilets are full of germs and not kid friendly. The stool is lightweight so if Asher needs to use it, he has no trouble picking it up and taking it to another room. I recently packed the seat and bowl portion away to use for another little one down the road, but still use the hook to hang towels on and of course the stool!

STYLISH – You know, I love products that aren’t a complete eyesore in a room. Never did I think a potty seat could be stylish, but this one definitely is unique.. it puts our green toilet to shame! ha! It also comes in a variety of colors!

Note – we’ve been in mid reno since July on this house, please excuse the unfinished trim walls, floor + green.¬†

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February 5, 2016


IMG_8980IMG_8982IMG_8987IMG_8988IMG_8983my most favorite company in the whole wide world, Framebridge, is offering an amazing service just in time for valentines day! drum roll please…. HEARTSTAGRAMS!!! Ummm aren’t these the cutest things you’ve ever seen?! Yes! these are your favorite instagrams or photos framed in the chicist picture frames with the cutest heart shaped matte ever! they make wonderful gifts for loved ones, teachers, neighbors, friends, bosses, EVERYONE. I ordered one of Jacob and I in our early years of marriage to surprise him with + I can’t wait to him to open it! so excited! I adore everything Framebridge does and you can see some of my other frames from them HERE! These Heartstagrams are special you guys and you can order yours HERE. Hurry and order! The cutoff for Valentines Day shipping is February 7th!