June 11, 2015


“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Glad, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #pressnsealhacks http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV
IMG_8246Lately Asher and I have been spending our afternoons snacking on yummy popsicles and crafting. My sweet boy loves to create fun things and display them around our house and of course I don’t mind creating fun things with him! With that being said I must say I love a good “mess-free” craft. I’m all about the fun, but a quick clean up is something that I always enjoy! I mean what busy mama doesn’t!?.. For some time now I’ve had an urge to create some stained glass inspired pieces for the large windows we have in our apartment. We are running out of wall and refrigerator space to display all of Asher’s beautiful artwork on so I thought adding a fun touch to the windows would really give our boring little apartment some color!

While shopping at Walmart the other day, I ran across the Glad products and the Glad Press’n Seal immediately caught my eye. As handy of a product that I knew it was, I also knew that it would be the perfect little solution to my DIY stained glass window craft that I wanted to do with Asher. I picked up a box, headed to the register, and out the door we went! When we got home I dug out some tissues paper I had stashed away from a previous birthday party, cut the paper up into fun shapes, and an afternoon of crafting it was!

Here’s how you can make a fun, inexpensive, and mess free craft with your toddler!IMG_8215WHAT YOU WILL NEED:

Glad Press’n Seal
tissue paper


– Before starting the craft  with you little one, cut your tissue paper up into the desired shapes + sizes + properly store your scissors away.

– Tear off a larger piece of Glad Press’n Seal and place it on the table.

– Let you little one stick the tissue paper shapes on the sheet of Glad Press’n Seal… Let their little creative minds soar!

– Tear off another large piece of Glad Press’n Seal (the same size as the first one) and place it over your little ones finished art work.

– Let them smooth out the bumps and it’s ready for hanging!

– Using tape, carefully tape you beautiful little stained glass pieces to your window and enjoy!


You can visit Glad and all their amazing happenings HERE and be sure to follow them on FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST!




May 4, 2015


IMG_8176IMG_8182Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and as I write this post I’ve got a handsome little boy lining his hot wheels up around my laptop as I type.. Being a mama. Oh how I love it so very much. Each and every day I thank the good Lord for blessing me to be the mama of such a sweet and handsome little man. Seriously how did I get so lucky?! Everyday is Mother’s Day for me. Asher always knows how to brighten my day!

The weather has finally started warming up here in North Dakota and this weekend daddy pulled Asher’s Little Tikes Cozy Cottage out of his room and set it up outside. I’m always looking for the best toys that are super functional and of course FUN. This cozy cottage kept Asher very entertained this past winter. We had it set up in his room and we spent many days playing house. When I told him we were going to set it up outside he was overjoyed with excitement! “My house going outside?!” he said. We had it apart, outside, and set back up in about 15 minutes. Grandma picked him up a chair for inside his house, so when we stopped at Ikea a few weekends ago, I picked him up one for outside.IMG_8177IMG_8178Asher spent hours playing outside in his Cozy Cottage and Jacob and I were able to knockout some long, overdue garage organizing. Jacob works most weekends and we rarely get an afternoon with him so having him home was so great!  We cooled off with cherry popsicles and headed back inside for a nap. I love that this little playhouse is so functional. It’s super easy to put together, perfect for indoors or out, and so interactive. When playing in his house Asher will usually park his car on the side and I hear him saying things like “I’m home kids” or “Hello sir, how may I help you?” It seriously makes my heart burst. I love how realistic this cottage is! There’s a spot for a flag, windows with cute little shutters, a mailbox, and plenty of room inside for Asher to move around in. He will play in his Cozy Cottage for hours, which gives me the opportunity to relax, catch up on house or yard work, and get dinner on the table. A sweet little gift all in itself! IMG_8191IMG_8186


You can buy your Little Tikes Cozy Cottage HERE.

Also be sure to follow Little Tikes on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK to keep up with their latest happenings!

What do you have planned for Mother’s Day? Sending all of you mamas out there lots of love this Mother’s Day!