bemz ikea sofa coversIt’s been a little over a year since we’ve moved into our current house and I swear I feel like I’m always doing some sort of decorating. With as many moves and houses that we’ve lived in, I’ve learned that decorating isn’t something that just comes over night.. or at least not for me. Our living area for the past year has somewhat been neglected. It’s a spacious, open room, that connects to quite a few other spaces in the house and it’s been a tricky one to put together. The seating has been a little tough to figure out, as well as the layout. We noticed that we kept not having enough seats when guest would come over so we decided to add another sofa to the space. So yes, we now have two sofas in our living room and it actually solved our little seating and layout problem.

When we decided on a second sofa I knew it had to be budget friendly, something other than leather, and strong/washable enough to withstand two little boys. I didn’t really want to go to a traditional sofa store to find one and we were on a tight budget. After searching online with no luck and a late night trip to ikea, we ended up with their Ektorp sofa and I LOVE it!ikea ektorp My first thoughts on the Ektorp were kindaĀ meh. I knew it was a popular couch and insanely budget friend ($300), but I really didn’t care for the colors that it came in. What I did like about it was that I could wash everything and that it was SUPER comfortable. Like not too soft, not too hard ,but just right. So we got it home, super easy to assemble, totally worked (size wise) for the space, but the cushion covers were STILL getting to me. I ended up with the standard beige color, but with the room being completely white, the couch just needed something…ikea ektorp ikea ektorp IMG_1525With that being said, I turned to the good ole internet in search of a cover for this sofa and came across the mothership of all Ikea sofa covers… BEMZ. So Bemz makes covers specifically for Ikea sofas and they are to die for. Linen, velvet, cotton, you name it, they have it… and they also come in a ton of great colors and patterns. I really wanted to bring some subtle color to the room or maybe a fun pattern so after receiving a few fabric options in the mail to choose from (which was a hard decision!) we ended up choosing the one below… Vreten Pinstripe in Silver Grey. It’s a perfect color, striped (which I LOVE) and Jacob and I both agreed on it. I paired it with the Marine – Brena Lino and it is total perfection!bemz sofa cover options bemz sofa coversbemz cushions covers

These covers are all made to order so it will be a few weeks until I receive it and I can’t wait. I feel like it will be such a fun staple piece in the room that kid friendly and looks great! I will keep you guys posted on the final product and how this room comes along! Give me your thoughts? Do you like?

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We’ve been settled into our house for a little over four months now and the decorating dilemma is still a work in progress. One room that’s complete in the house though is Asher’s little space. Decorating the many rooms he’s had in his life has been such a hobby of mine. You might remember his last room from our old house HERE and I wanted to incorporate many of the same things in his new room here in the South. So here’s his new big boy approved space complete with some of his most favorite things!

scroll down to see a full list and links to products in the spaceIMG_0930IMG_0913IMG_0912IMG_0916IMG_0881IMG_0909IMG_0899IMG_0882@emilyloeffelman

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This blog of mine. Where do I even start. Something that started off as just a late night spur of the moment idea (over four years ago) blossomed into something so beautiful. It’s taken me on some wild adventures, opened so many doors, showcased some of the things that I am ever so proud of, and most importantly, served as an outlet for me to express my creativity.

So with that being said, you may have noticed a few things that are different around here. One being the name and two being the layout of things. I’ve decided that it’s time for a little change. “Everything Emily” is being retired and from here on out I will be using my name, Emily Loeffelman. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to grow this blog of mine into a personal business (I’m even working on some things locally!) so I figured it was time for a little more sophistication. I’m so incredibly grateful to have done so and can’t wait to share some of my new experiences with you guys. There will still be plenty of fun posts, do it yourself projects and an entire house I’m anxiously awaiting to share, but I will also be sharing some of my lifestyle design endeavors, visual styling projects and maybe some occasional photography.. maybe. šŸ˜‰ And don’t worry, all of my old posts and projects will remain here.

I feel like this blog of mine has grown with me through the years and the time has come to switch her up just a bit. So here’s to new adventures, good changes and a new chapter.

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March has definitely came in like a lion in the Loeffelman household. Asher’s had his first nasty cold of the season and I’m hoping the rest of us aren’t soon to follow. Germs. Mehhhh. Anyway, I thought I’d share this tasty little preschooler approved soup recipe with you guys.Ā @emilyloeffelmanRECIPE – (this recipe serves 4, double if needing more)Ā 

1 chicken breast (on the larger side)
2 boxes chicken stock
6 carrots – diced
1 small bag of thawed frozen peas (you can substitute 1/2 cup of other green veggies or even add them in as well!)
few pinches of fresh parsley
1 tsp ginger root powder (this gives the soup a little zing – leave out if ya got a picky eater)
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp basil
pinch of kosher salt/pepper
1/2 – 1 c. noodles – Asher likes the bow-tie!


In a larger pot pour chicken stock and place whole breast in to cook. Add carrots and seasonings and simmer until chicken is cooked through. Remove chicken breast from pot and cut into small pieces on a cutting board. Return to pot and add noodles and peas. Simmer until carrots are soft and noodles are al dente. Let cool and serve!


-go light on the seasonings if your childĀ isn’t familiar with themĀ 
-make a large pot of soup, divide into containers + freeze for a later date. I always like to have some frozen as a backup incase someone gets sick!