Asher’s room is hands down my most favorite room in our house. It’s light, airy and so fun! Just like him! Since this is his 4th room he’s had I’ve learned a few things and figured out just exactly what I would like in his little space. Function is key in a kids room. If it doesn’t function well, it doesn’t need to be there. Since we laid hardwood flooring throughout the entire upstair, with the exception of a few spaces, I knew that playing on a solid hard hardwood floor might not be the most comfortable thing for the little guy and I wanted to keep the floors is a nice of shape as possible so rugs have been my go to. For his room I picked out a fun Greek Flokati Rug from Rugs USA and have been pretty please with it since we placed it in his room. I’ve received tons of questions about this rug so I thought I would share a little review of this fun rug with you guys today! If you have any questions that I didn’t answer below, please leave them in the comments! IMG_8495LOOK – what I love about this rug is that it looks awesome in Asher’s room. It really complements the flooring in the space + ties the whole room together. Pictures don’t quite do this rug justice! It’s def one of the things people point out when they see his space!

FEEL – Aside from the rug looking awesome it also feels really awesome. It’s the perfect rug for a kids space because it is very soft. We have a 6×9 in Asher’s room + it’s like hanging out on a cloud when we are in there. The rug really warms the space up! The wool material looks + feels amazing! IMG_8498CLEANING – I was actually surprised at how easy this rug was to clean. I usually vacuum it regularly but we have had a few occasional spills on the rug + they have been fairly easy to get up. For crumbled goldfish or cracker spills I just give the rug a little shake a vacuum the crumbs right up! We’ve had this rug in Asher’s room for 4 months now + for being a white rug, it still looks brand new!

SHEDDING – The only downfall to this rug is that is does shed for the first few months. This is very normal for a wool rug and expected. Jacob and I took the rug outside and gave it a good “shake” after placing it in Asher’s room to remove some of the loose fibers. Since doing so, we’ve had minimal shedding and don’t worry, the rug looks the same! We’ve had a few fiber rugs before so shedding is always expected!

VERSATILITY – although I love this rug in Asher’s space, it also would look super great in other rooms of our home. it comes in an array of sizes + colors so there’s one to fit every space! This rug would even look amazing draped over a sofa or bed in a smaller size! It’s very versatile which is a huge bonus!

OVERALL AESTHETIC – overall we really love this rug! It looks so great in Asher’s little space and is so soft for him to play on! I would defiantly get another one for other areas of our house! This rug is perfect for the cooler months! IMG_8488IMG_8491IMG_8483

You can purchase your Greek Flokati Rug – HERE! ps – they are on sale today 11/2!

I will share the tour on Asher’s room SOON! I can’t wait to share it with you guys! It’s my favorite room of his to date!

happy monday friends!





  1. Natalie

    Love!!!!! I have a few of their rugs and honestly I am always so impressed with the quality/price.

    His room looks so good, can’t wait to see more and don’t be surprised if you see this in one of our room’s 😉


  2. Mona Crawford

    The rug is awesome! It creates a great feeling and atmosphere! It looks like a cloud. Probably it is very comfortable to sit on it! I am surprised that it is so easy to clean! The only thing that stops me from buying such rug is because I believe that it will be incredibly hard to keep it clean. Thanks for sharing!

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