diy minimal light fixture

i love when my diy projects go as planned. never in my life did i think i would get such pleasure from a do-it-yourself project, but my goodness when they turn out right, i get all giddy inside. i got this genius idea (thank you pinterest) to whip up some flush mount lighting for a few areas in our house that were in desperate need of something new. the original 1971 fixtures were still intact and looking mighty dull, so it was time… i shopped around on the web, prior to thinking I could create something, and my goodness lighting is expensive and not really in my tight budget. i considered just putting something cheap up, but i thought if I could whip up something affordable, then I would do that… and boom. it worked. and it’s all i’ve been talking about since… i’m over the moon pleased with how these little fixtures turned out + the fact that they were under $10 each makes me a very happy gal. so here’s the how to!


what you will need – 

ceramic light socket (these come with screws) – you can find these at Lowe’s in the electrical aisle + they are under $2.

high heat spray paint – which you can also find at Lowe’s.

painters tape

light bulb – I used a round basic bulb found HERE, but you can use whatever bulb you prefer.

how to – 

first off give your socket a good wipe down with a dry cloth to remove any dust or grime. after you do that tape off the inside part of your socket to make sure that it doesn’t get any paint inside. (note – you are just painting the top of the socket + sides, do not paint the back of the socket aka the part that will be wired to the ceiling.)

give your socket its first coat of paint. try to cover it evenly so you get the best end result. let it dry for 3 hours or so (just to be safe!) and repeat until socket is evenly coated. for me, it only took 2 coats. let the socket dry completely for 24 hours + remove tape.

turn off light switch, breakers + anything else that could possibly be sending any form of electricity to the socket. remove old fixture from ceiling, make sure your wiring is correct, for us tan was neutral + black was hot (you may need to use a meter to figure out which is what) and carefully wire your socket to the ceiling. if you do not know how to wire one of these I used THIS TUTORIAL to help me and my handy husband.

screw light bulb in, flip breakers back on + carefully turn the light on!

and that’s it! pretty simple right! diy minimal light fixturediy minimal light fixturediy minimal light fixturediy minimal light fixturediy minimal light fixturediy minimal light fixturei had to touch up a few spots around the light where the drywall chipped – the joys of textured ceilings – but other than that everything turned out great + i’m very happy with the end result! we installed two of these in our house + i’m currently working on another one for asher’s space.

so what do ya think?! if you happen to whip one of these up for your home tag me so I can see it!