Asher’s Great Grandma came in for a little visit last week and while she was here we made some fun kid and grandma approved treats for him to snack on. Baking with grandma brings back some fun memories for me and I’m so thankful that Asher got to spend some quality time with her on her visit here!

Asher loves cheesecake, me as well, so I wanted to make something that was cheesecake related and fun, but kid sized as well. I try to avoid giving him a lot of sweets, but every once in awhile I treat him to something fun and make sure it’s delicious.IMG_9505Aside from these little treats being tasty and fun, they are also nut-free! Instead of making these little cheesecakes with a crust that would contain nuts or a product that could possibly be cross-contaminated. I used my favorite nut-free products from Skeeter Nut Free, to create a yummy crust that’s easy, soft and of course, delicious! Here’s how to make these fun little cheesecakes!IMG_9443What you will need – (Recipe makes exactly 12 mini cheesecakes, double recipe if more are needed) 

Skeeter Nut Free All Natural Cinnamon Grahams 10oz box 
Organic Cream Cheese 8oz
1/3 c. Organic Sugar
1 Organic Egg
1 tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract
Fresh Chopped Strawberries (for topping)
12 Baking Cups
IMG_9458Directions –

1.) Start off by preheating your oven to 325 degrees. Using a stand mixer or large bowl cream your sugar and cream cheese on a medium speed, I like to use 6 on my mixer, until it is nicely blended.  Note: This is a great time to let the kids get in on the action! 
IMG_9449IMG_94522.) Next, add egg and vanilla and beat until batter is blended and smooth. IMG_94563.) Line your muffin pan with baking cups and carefully place Skeeter Nut Free All Natural Cinnamon Grahams in the bottoms of the cups to line them, almost like you are making a crust with the grahams!  IMG_9465IMG_94894.) Not required, but feel free to snack on a few of these delicious Skeeter Nut Free Grahams while your are baking! IMG_94715.) After the bottom of your cups are lined with Skeeter Nut Free All Natural Cinnamon Grahams, carefully scoop the batter into each of the cups filling them about 3/4 of the way full. IMG_9478IMG_9484IMG_9482IMG_9483IMG_94856.) Give the pan a light shake to loosen any bumps and even out your batter. IMG_94907.) Bake about 16-20 minutes and carefully keep an eye on the cakes. After they are finished, let them cool. You will notice them deflating after they cool, which is perfectly fine! Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight.

8.) Topping – using your chopped strawberries, lightly top mini cheesecakes with strawberries and feel free to crumble a few of the Skeeter Nut Free Grahams and sprinkle on top! They are the perfect finishing touch! Now you are ready to serve! IMG_9512IMG_9511IMG_9505Be sure to check out Skeeter Nut Free’s Pinterest page to see more amazing nut-free recipes that you can create with you little ones!

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* A big thank you to Skeeter Nut Free, a brand we love and trust, for sponsoring today’s post!