strawberry patch funYes, that’s right. We’ve moved, again… This time to the Memphis, TN area. Jacob found out just a few short weeks ago that he’d be getting transferred with his job, so being the moving pros that we are, we packed up our little house and headed to the Mid South. It’s definitely bittersweet I must say. I miss my house, my neighborhood, my yard, my mailman, asher’s school and even my job. This move came pretty quick and I just wasn’t emotionally prepared for all of it, but, hey, I’ll adapt, sooner or later… I’m learning that there’s really no such thing as planning in life… well there is, just not exactly as how you think it should work.

As for the Mid South so far I must say that it is a different world from North Dakota. The weather is warmer, trees are bushy, people seem pretty friendly and I can finally order a sweet tea again at a restaurant. Earlier this week, Asher and I ventured out to a strawberry patch and I must say I’m so looking forward to the longer growing season here and the abundance of farmer’s markets the area has to offer.

And that’s pretty much it. We are going to do a little more exploring this weekend. I’ll keep y’all posted on our latest adventures. 😉



One thought on “WE’VE MOVED… AGAIN

  1. Melissa Hall

    Moving is always stressful and coming from a military family myself I get it. But every move is a new adventure and a new chance to make memories with the whole family! I look forward to reading about all the things you find in your new home! 😀

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