photo cc – @marykatesteele

This blog of mine. Where do I even start. Something that started off as just a late night spur of the moment idea (over four years ago) blossomed into something so beautiful. It’s taken me on some wild adventures, opened so many doors, showcased some of the things that I am ever so proud of, and most importantly, served as an outlet for me to express my creativity.

So with that being said, you may have noticed a few things that are different around here. One being the name and two being the layout of things. I’ve decided that it’s time for a little change. “Everything Emily” is being retired and from here on out I will be using my name, Emily Loeffelman. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to grow this blog of mine into a personal business (I’m even working on some things locally!) so I figured it was time for a little more sophistication. I’m so incredibly grateful to have done so and can’t wait to share some of my new experiences with you guys. There will still be plenty of fun posts, do it yourself projects and an entire house I’m anxiously awaiting to share, but I will also be sharing some of my lifestyle design endeavors, visual styling projects and maybe some occasional photography.. maybe. 😉 And don’t worry, all of my old posts and projects will remain here.

I feel like this blog of mine has grown with me through the years and the time has come to switch her up just a bit. So here’s to new adventures, good changes and a new chapter.

Much love,