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We’ve been settled into our house for a little over four months now and the decorating dilemma is still a work in progress. One room that’s complete in the house though is Asher’s little space. Decorating the many rooms he’s had in his life has been such a hobby of mine. You might remember his last room from our old house HERE and I wanted to incorporate many of the same things in his new room here in the South. So here’s his new big boy approved space complete with some of his most favorite things!

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Happy New Year friends! December has been one heck of a month for us! We moved into our newly built home, had a baby, the holidays came and now it’s a new year am I getting back on track from a whirlwind of a month! I’ve had big plans to share our home building process with you all and today I thought I would start by sharing some of the ways we truly put our own touches on the house and really made it our own. One of those touches being the outdoor lighting that we installed on the house.

Since we live in a neighborhood, we really wanted to set our home apart from the other houses on the street. Our floor plan, brick, window color, roof and siding had already been picked out by our builder so we weren’t left with many choices, exterior wise, with the home. The lighting and front door color were about the only thing we were able to choose so I really wanted a “bang” with them. Most of the houses on the street have basic outdoor lighting and I knew we had to break the trend. Being a huge fan of the farmhouse/industrial barn style lighting, I turned to the best place on the web, Barn Light Electric, to order our lights from. Barn Light Electric carries an enormous array of farmhouse inspired lighting that can be customized to fit any homes needs and that was just what we wanted. We wanted to be able to chose it all – shade size, stem and neck length and style, color and placement on our home. Barn Light Electric has so many incredible lighting fixtures to choose from that narrowing it down to just one was tough!

We ended up choosing the Cherokee Uplight Stem Mount and Cherokee Uplight Goosenecks in black and couldn’t be happier. I loved how modern they were, but yet still had a vintage vibe to them. They really pull out the black tones in our brick and break up the grey/brown. Not to mention, they compliment our inkwell colored front door as well and give the house a farmhouse look, which I love! We installed a total of three lights. One on each side of our garage and then one on the from porch.

The lights are well constructed, easy to install and assemble and very durable. We had some extremely heavy winds (60mph) not long after they were installed and I was terrified that were going to get damaged, but they withheld the crazy gusts. Being crafted from a quality metal, these lights are definitely crazy southern winter weather friendly!

Another thing that really struck me with these lights is how easy the bulbs are to change out. The bulb area is a thick glass cover that easily screws on and off making bulb maintenance very easy. Overall I’m so pleased with these lights and just feel that they really complete our house. They’ve been such a conversation starter with our new neighbors and totally set our house apart from the others. You guys know that I love things that are unique and different and these lights are just that! If there is anything that I’ve learned about building, it’s to really focus on details. Details are everything and really make your house a home.


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It’s been nine months that we’ve lived/owned in this little house of ours and we’ve made a pretty good dent in the long list of renovations we had planed for it. Asher’s room was one of the very first rooms I started in on when we moved in. Now that I think about it, I actually had the carpet pulled up and subfloor painted before any of his furniture even made its way into the room. And it’s hands down my favorite room in house. This photo below is the only before photo I have of the room (I apologize). I should snapped a few photos of the space beforehand. It had the original 1970’s carpet intact, which was a bright orange shag, you know typical 70’s vibe, mustard-ish walls, paneling and a ceiling that was just a few shades lighter than the walls. On the flip side, the room had a great layout, tons of natural light and a super functional nicely sized closet. A little paint, new hardwood floors, trim and a light fixture and this room was looking much brighter in no time! Here’s a full tour of the space and below (very bottom) i’ve listed and linked up where you can find everything! -xo fun kids space via @emilyloeffelmanfun kids space via @emilyloeffelmanfun kids space via @emilyloeffelmanWith the solid hardwood flooring, I need something soft for Asher to play on. I placed this 9X12 rug in the space and it fit perfectly! Protects the floors as well! You can read all about it HEREfun kids space via @emilyloeffelman

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so, as of this month, we will have lived in our little abode for 6 months now. WOW. seems like just yesterday we moved in. I always feel like when I look around there are numerous loose ends that need to be tied, renos that need to eventually be done or something that needs painting.. ahhh, painting… but, you know, i’m learning that all of this stuff comes in time because lets be real, home renos are expensive, the two of us work (and have a busy three year old) and there’s other stuff i’d like to save my money for in life… i.e. college fund, travels, retirement, etc. we’ve got a lot of work to do to this house, but all good things come in time right?! I keep telling myself that in hopes that it somehow calms my type A personality.

anyway… here’s a before photo of our master (thanks to my mother-in-law for snapping it). this room is actually a really great size, has a wall of closets and a small bath (sink, toilet, standup shower) in it. before it had yellow floral carpet, pink + yellow walls to match and a wall of paneling. gah! definitely not my style. 11931627_10207392392788097_1847012211_n

and the after… IMG_8911IMG_8907IMG_8912IMG_8913IMG_8917IMG_8927IMG_8936IMG_8924

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