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diy minimal light fixture

i love when my diy projects go as planned. never in my life did i think i would get such pleasure from a do-it-yourself project, but my goodness when they turn out right, i get all giddy inside. i got this genius idea (thank you pinterest) to whip up some flush mount lighting for a few areas in our house that were in desperate need of something new. the original 1971 fixtures were still intact and looking mighty dull, so it was time… i shopped around on the web, prior to thinking I could create something, and my goodness lighting is expensive and not really in my tight budget. i considered just putting something cheap up, but i thought if I could whip up something affordable, then I would do that… and boom. it worked. and it’s all i’ve been talking about since… i’m over the moon pleased with how these little fixtures turned out + the fact that they were under $10 each makes me a very happy gal. so here’s the how to!


what you will need – 

ceramic light socket (these come with screws) – you can find these at Lowe’s in the electrical aisle + they are under $2.

high heat spray paint – which you can also find at Lowe’s.

painters tape

light bulb – I used a round basic bulb found HERE, but you can use whatever bulb you prefer.

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so, as of this month, we will have lived in our little abode for 6 months now. WOW. seems like just yesterday we moved in. I always feel like when I look around there are numerous loose ends that need to be tied, renos that need to eventually be done or something that needs painting.. ahhh, painting… but, you know, i’m learning that all of this stuff comes in time because lets be real, home renos are expensive, the two of us work (and have a busy three year old) and there’s other stuff i’d like to save my money for in life… i.e. college fund, travels, retirement, etc. we’ve got a lot of work to do to this house, but all good things come in time right?! I keep telling myself that in hopes that it somehow calms my type A personality.

anyway… here’s a before photo of our master (thanks to my mother-in-law for snapping it). this room is actually a really great size, has a wall of closets and a small bath (sink, toilet, standup shower) in it. before it had yellow floral carpet, pink + yellow walls to match and a wall of paneling. gah! definitely not my style. 11931627_10207392392788097_1847012211_n

and the after… IMG_8911IMG_8907IMG_8912IMG_8913IMG_8917IMG_8927IMG_8936IMG_8924

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One thing that was on my wish list for our living room was a piece of art that reflected us and our home. Most of you know that I adore Minted’s art collection and have decorated other rooms in our home with some of their really great pieces. You can see them HERE + HERE. So for our living room area I found a perfect bison print that not only did I love, but I also felt like it greatly reflected the state we live in, North Dakota. Bisons are a common animal you see in this state and this piece reminded me of the new place we call home. I placed this lovely little print in a perfect spot in our living room, one you can see when you first walk into our front door + I really love the way it looks. I like that it ties the room together and is inviting. I’ve received so many compliments on this little print! IMG_8761

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IMG_8685While we’ve been busy knocking out a few of our home renovations we’ve also been busy decorating the space as well. Our living room, for the most part, is finished but it’s got a very vertical shape so placing furniture in it has been a bit of a challenge. The area behind our sofa was kind of an odd space. There wasn’t enough room for chairs and I wanted to put some sort of shelving but still make the area functional. We ended up hanging some fun shelves and placing a few of Asher’s toys in the space to keep the rest of the room organized. I loved how the area came together, but it was just missing something… color for one, and most importantly, warmth.

A few months ago I spotted this AMAZING rug shop on Instagram called ECarpet Gallery. I was blown away by their selection of rugs and the prices were unbelievable! I always dreamed of having a persian rug in our home, but most that I had seen had a pretty price tag on them, one that I couldn’t afford. ECarpet Gallery carries beautiful, handmade, one of a kind rugs that are excellent quality and AFFORDABLE! Their variety includes persians, kilims, modern rugs, flat weaves and more! They offer free shipping on most rugs and their customer service is superb! I love to shop online and greatly appreciate companies that make online shopping a pleasure and ECarpet Gallery is definitely one that does! I picked out this beautiful, one of a kind, handwoven rug that I originally planned to put in our master bedroom. After receiving it, I played around with the rug, stuck it in a few different room and when I placed it in our living room nook area, I knew that that was its home! This rug is so incredibly versatile and I love that! I’m guilty of constantly rearranging our house, changing up my decor and I always try to find pieces that are specific to just one room.

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