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February 9, 2017


December 11, 2016. My sweet Maxwells birthdate. Little did we know he’d decided to grace us with his presence five weeks before his due date. A few weeks prior to my delivery I started to have some small preterm labor issues, but nothing that seemed too out of the ordinary. My OB ordered me some meds, told me to take it easy, drink plenty of water and that if I could make another month or two, that it would be great. He also informed me that if I happened to make it to 35 weeks gestation and went into labor, that he would not stop it.

So the wee hours of the morning on December 11th rolled around (I was 35 weeks and 4 day) and I woke up feeling very achy. The days prior would full of lots of discomfort and pressure and I just knew that he’d be coming soon. After drinking lots of water and still having contractions, I decided to take a light walk around the block in hopes that my mind was just playing tricks with me and that I was just experiencing some false labor signs. Still no relief, so I decided to shower. I thought maybe a hot shower would help to ease the pain and make the contractions slowly go away, but no, they were still consistent and painful.

8 hours later, still in pain, I decided maybe we should head to the hospital to just get checked out. I figured they would just confirm that it was false labor and hopefully send me back home. After a quick exam they decided to admit me. I was dilated to a 4 and having true labor contractions. Inside I panicked a little. I knew Max was probably going to come early, given the fact that I delivered Asher at 37 weeks, but I wasn’t exactly sure how it was all going to play out.

After laboring for 7 hours or so and my water finally breaking last minute, Maxwell McGee came into this world. He was quiet, good size (6lbs 9oz) and had a head full of dark hair. I cried. Jacob cried. Here he was, our sweet baby. Every emotion possible ran through my mind… how Asher would react to him… everything.¬†Do to having a preterm birth, my room was full of hospital staff. Doctors, nurses, NICU Doctors.. it was crowded in there. Jacob and I only got to spend about 10 minutes with him until they took him away to nursery to be evaluated. Little did I know that I wouldn’t be able to hold my sweet boy until almost 12 hours later.. talk about a strange feeling. At first we were told that he looked great and that they were just taking precautionary measures with evaluating him. At about midnight the nursery pediatrician came into my room and informed me that Max was having some respiratory issues due to his early arrival. He seemed confident that they would quickly resolve, but after a few hours and him still breathing heavy, they decided to admit him to the NICU where he would be able to get oxygen and a more thorough evaluation.

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September 9, 2016


so if you don’t already know by now, we are expecting baby number two early January and this go around I promised myself that I would be better about documenting it. I didn’t actually document much with my first pregnancy and I can’t even tell you how many times, these past few months, I’ve tried to think back on how I felt, the weight I gained and even what I looked like pregnant. I didn’t take a ton of photos and this time around I’m trying to be better about documenting these precious nine months!

To help me document this pregnancy and even keep me organized, I’ve been using this super perfect and quite handy little journal from Pearhead. This journal allows you to document it all, trimesters, pre baby, post baby and even things I hadn’t even thought about writing down, which I love! Someday I’ll look back at this little journal about probably get a few laughs out of some of the stuff that I’ve wrote down… Like the massive cravings I’ve been having or the fact that I managed to put on 7 pounds in the past month! ūüėČ

To keep all of my ultrasound photos organized, (I’ve had three¬†so far), the journal has these awesome little folder pockets for each trimester to store them in, along with anything else you would want to tuck in there. I had a box that I kept all of my stuff with Asher in and I so wish I would have had something like this four years ago! It’s handy, keeps my photos organized, and protects them from getting wrinkled! I love that I’m not always digging to find them and I can just pull my journal out for a quick look or to write down some of my thoughts!¬†img_0070img_0068img_0076img_0073img_0066i’m excited to document the rest of this second pregnancy of mine. I’m already six months along and my goodness is time flying! Someday when this little guy is grown, I thought I may even pass this little journal down to him for a keepsake… Until then, I’ll tuck it away on my shelf and pull it out when I want to reminisce about this little short, but oh so precious time in my life. I’m grateful to be documenting this second pregnancy!

You can pickup one of these great little journals HERE and be sure to check out all of Pearhead’s other amazing keepsakes HERE!


Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing more fun keepsakes!

a special thanks to Pearhead for collaborating with me on this post!