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We’ve been gluten free (for the most part) for the past few months now and wow what a difference it has made. My husband has been suffering from digestive issues for a few years now and we have seen such a huge improvement in his health since making the switch. I would have never thought something so small could make such a huge difference! Today I thought I would share a fun little Gluten Free Chart I put together as a good reference. We currently have this helpful chart hanging on our fridge and it’s been so handy when we are unsure if certain food products have gluten in them! 

 photo 2b2847a1-f897-45a5-a841-955ee43ad522.jpg

To download this chart simply pull it or save it to your computers desktop. If you have a gluten sensitivity always be sure to double check product labels to ensure that they are most defiantly gluten free. 
Where are my gluten free guru’s at?! 
I would love to hear any helpful tips/recipes/etc. that you have! 



I’m so thrilled to be sharing another amazing kid-friendly recipe that my fabulous friend Cat put together! You may have seen our Coco Chia Peach Popsicle post from the other week and if you haven’t I highly recommend that you check it out! Today we are sharing an easy twist on a classic kid favorite… PIZZA! This pizza is a great way to get your little ones to eat their veggies and also makes for a great family dinner.
(gluten free)
(for the toppings feel free to use your toppings of choice!)
Head of cauliflower
1 egg
1/3c. Organic Mozzarella cheese
dried oregano
basil leaves
organic pizza sauce
First you are going to start off by making your pizza crust. You will need to use this easy recipe we found HERE
After you get done making your cauliflower crust you will want to continue to follow the recipe however we molded them into mini pizzas instead of one large pizza. This recipe will make about 6 mini pizzas. If you are only wanting to make a few feel free to refrigerate or freeze your remaining “dough”. 
We baked these at 400 degree for about 20-25 minutes or until nice and crunchy. 
Next, add toppings… Remember you can use any topping you would like. We chose to use pizza sauce, mushroom, basil, onions, goat cheese, mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes…
Lastly stick your pizzas back in the over and bake until cheese is melted, about 5-7 minutes.
Pull your pizzas out of the over and enjoy! 
If you guys create these mini pizzas we would love to see them! Feel free to share them on your social media pages and tag them with #feedthesoul. Also if there is a recipe you would like to see please leave it in the comments below! We love hearing your suggestions!
Happy Friday! 

Lipton and a Southern Summer Tea Recipe…


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I love the summer season… there’s something about tan lines, bbqing, and warm summer nights that calls my name…
Now that summer is in full swing, or at least it is here in SoCal, what’s not a better way to cool off than with a delicious glass of iced tea?!? My go to iced tea is the Lipton Tea K-Cups. We are huge fans of our Keurig and use it several times a day. It’s quick, easy to use, and perfect for my busy Mama schedule. The Lipton Tea K-Cups deliver a burst of flavor, and are oh so refreshing. They are seriously the perfect way to make a quick fresh brewed iced tea. The tea’s come in an array of flavors, three to be exact, and there isn’t one that I don’t love. The classic unsweetened is flavorful and perfect with a lemon slice. The Tea Lemonade iced tea K-Cup is like an Arnold Palmer in a K-Cup… And also my husbands favorite and the Refresh Sweet Tea K-Cup is just the right about of sweetness and my personal favorite.  
When we lived in South Carolina there was a yummy little restaurant that we would eat at that had the best Southern sweet tea I ever tasted. I was able to replicate that delicious tea using my favorite Lipton tea K-Cup, the Refresh Iced Sweet Tea. Here is what you will need to make this delicious tea! 
What You Will Need:
3 Lemon Slices
1 Strawberry 
3 Mint Leaves 
Place a 16oz cup under your Keurig and add ice. I like to use a plastic cup and transfer the tea into my mason jar tumbler. 
Insert Lipton tea K-Cup and select your Keurig 6oz or 8oz brewing option. 
Once brewing is complete, add lemon strawberry, and top with mint leaves. Give your tea a stir and enjoy! 
How easy is that?! No hassle of brewing tea on the stove and having to let it cool! You can find these Lipton Tea K-Cups in almost any grocery store, mass retailer, and online. These K-Cups are inexpensive, easy to use, and deliver an insane amount of flavor. 
Cool off this summer with the Lipton Tea K-Cups and be sure to check out Lipton’s Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Asher Approved: Yummy Cinnamon Eggy Bread Fingers


The past few weeks we have been slowly introducing finger foods into Asher’s diet. He does so well feeding himself and is really showing interest in what Jacob and I eat. Today I’m starting a little series on the blog called “Asher Approved”… with this series I will be sharing all of Asher’s favorite recipes. Recipes will range from breakfast to dinner to snacks and more! I figured this would be an easy go to for you mama’s with littles! So today’s first Asher Approved recipe is…..
Cinnamon Eggy Bread Fingers

1 egg
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 slice whole-grain bread
1/2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

 Directions: Mix egg and cinnamon in bowl. Cut bread into fingers and dip into mixture. Place fingers in pan and cook until well down (be sure to cook throughly!). Serve (I like to top boos with a little extra cinnamon and cut into tiny pieces!) 
recipe via baby and toddler cookbook
Asher approves! Yummy! 
Happy Monday friends!