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“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Dove, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #LoveYourCurls #pmgdove
new dove hair curly hair emojis! download them now!

EMOJIS! Who doesn’t use them these days?! I’ve been a dedicated Emoji user for about 4 years now and after the last update, a few months ago when they released a bunch of new ones, I was super bummed… You know why? No curly hair Emoji. The standard “girl” Emoji only has straight hair.

Last week Dove Hair come to my rescue and released a AMAZING line of curly haired Emojis and THEY ARE AMAZING! There’s a set of curls for nearly every curly hair type + even GIFS! They are so fun to use and such a break througDownload the Dove Love Your Curls Emojis in the App Store and Google Play Store to show you #LoveYourCurls!

IMG_8553DOVE_LEDUO_Hair Emojis_530X530_V3-28DOVE_LEDUO_Hair Emojis_530X530_V3-17

I come from a long line of curly headed women + have had a head full of curls since I came out of the womb so when I seen this news from Dove Hair, I totally let out a squeal! I can remember being a little girl + people pointing out how “curly” my hair was + my favorite.. how “BIG” it was. Throughout grade school I always embraced my curls. My mom had a pretty effective method of keeping them frizz free + I rocked a curly side pony tail like no other…Then in about 2000ish this thing came out called a flat iron (you might remember those ;)) + my poor curls were neglected for about 4 years.

It wasn’t until I almost fried my hair off that I finally quite the flat iron trend. I can remember that it took nearly a summer break to get my curls back to their usually self + that’s when I really started to embrace what the many generations of women in my family passed down to me. I always loved my curly hair, I just thought they weren’t trendy or stylish for the time. All through high school I let my curls do their thing. I embraced them and always felt that they set me apart from others. They made me, me + thanks to my mom, I knew how to take care of them.



To this very day I still am embracing my curls. They got me through my high school and college years with confidence and now that I’m a busy mom, they are a lifesaver. It’s so nice to just be able to let them air dry of busy morning and not have to wash them everyday. I wouldn’t trade my curls for anything! Today I’m telling you to embrace who you are and #loveyourcurls! If you haven’t downloaded they new Dove Hair curly haired Emoji app you totally should! Text all your friends and let them know that you now have an Emoji for YOU and YOUR CURLS!!




#loveyourcurls friends!






We’ve been doing a ton of traveling here lately and I couldn’t have done it with my Birdling Bag… You guys this bag is evvverrryyyythinnnnnggg!! I’m usually a complete wreck when it comes to packing and am always an unorganized mess, but not anymore! Thanks to my Birdling Bag I’m now super organized and not forgetting a thing. These bags are made here in the US and are a must for any busy mama! Here’s a little review on this awesome bag and why you must get yourself one! 
Functionality – This bag is very functional. From a weekend trip to a carry-on, this bag can be used for a number of things. I’ve been using this bag for our little weekend trips and it holds everything that we need… Leaving lots of space in my car as well.. A total plus!
Style – I adore the look of this bag. It’s super stylish, totally functional, and comfortable to carry. This bag comes in a ton of colors, but I must say the sun bleached salmon is my favorite. And this bag is totally unisex… My husband didn’t mind carrying at all while traveling! :) 

Size – This bag is the perfect size… It’s big enough for both mine and Asher’s clothes and has an insane amount of room. We went camping a few weeks ago and I was able to pack mine, Asher’s, and my husbands clothes in it… 3 days worth of clothes as well! It’s a big bag, but not bulky and easy to carry!

Compartments – Storage is not a problem with this bag. It has 7 compartments, 4 outside, 3 inside, making traveling easy and organized. The inside compartments are perfect for separating clothes from body products, diapers, shoes, etc, while the outside compartments are perfect for storing your wallet, cellphone, chargers, etc.

Material – The material of this bag is amazing. It’s a super thick, durable water repellent duck canvas that is suitable for any form of traveling!

Laundry Bag – When you purchase a Birdling Bag you get an adorable little “Dirty Birdie” to store your dirty linens in while traveling.. I’m forever using trash bags or plastic bags when we travel and this little laundry bag is genius! And it’s washable! I just threw mine in the wash after unpacking.

Cleaning – This bag is super easy to spot clean. I got a little dirt on it while traveling and a damp cloth did the trick to clean it. I’m always a big fan of things that are easy to clean and I wish all of our travel bags would clean this easily!

If you are looking for a super amazing weekender bag, Birdling is the way to go! I’m so pleased with ours and it’s going to come in so handy with all of our upcoming traveling!!! Mama friends!!! You must get your self one of these!

You can purchase your birding bag HERE.

You can keep up with Birdling Bags by following them:






“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®, InStyle, Vogue and Elle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #inspirefallfashion
Fall is by far my favorite season of the year for shopping. I could live in boots, layers, and flannels year round and be totally happy. Last week I was shopping at Target and couldn’t help but to notice all the amazing September magazine issues that were on the shelves. I purchased a few of my favorites and right now Target has an amazing deal on select magazines! Buy any two, Vogue, InStyle, or Elle and receive a free $5 Target gift card (offer valid until Sept. 13th)! I went with InStyle and Vogue and they are full of this seasons amazing Fall trends.
Photo Sep 08
After flipping through the pages of Vogue there were a few trends that really caught my eye. The first one was fringe… I mean who doesn’t love fringe… and the second was high waisted jeans. I’m such a big fan of higher cut jeans, especially since I had my little guy, and find them so flattering. I wanted to recreate a few of the looks I had seen in Vogue so I paired a fun fringe sweater with some high waisted skinnies, a cropped striped top, booties, and some jewelry. I’m loving how the look turned out and can’t wait to try a few other Fall trends that Vogue has inspired me to do.
Photo Sep 06-7
Photo Sep 06-6
Photo Sep 06-8
Photo Sep 06-10
Photo Sep 06-5
 Jean – Hollister Co.
Sweater – Forever 21
Top – Forever 21
Booties – Target
Rings – c/o Fresh Tangerine
What are your favorite trends for this Fall season? If you are looking for some inspiration head to Target to catch this amazing deal on magazines! And for extra inspiration be sure to check out Vogue on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!




September is right around the corner and that means 1/2 Fall, 1/2 summer outfits and I can’t wait! I’m ready for light layers, Fall patterns, and oversized sweaters! Bring it ON!

My girl Sera over at Mulberry Press Co. never doubts me with her amazing taste and designs. Whether it’s stationary, wall art, or apparel she is forever delivering great pieces that are on trend and super versatile! Asher and I are loving these “Good Vibes Only” tanks from MPC. I love coordinating our outfits and we are always catching nice compliments when we rock out in these tees. I’m looking forward to seeing what all MPC has in store and am already obsessing over their Fall line! You can view the Fall line HERE.

Jeans – Hollister (DIY post coming soon)
Tank – c/o Mulberry Press Co.
Sandals – Birkenstock
Hat – Forever 21

Tank – c/o Mulberry Press Co.
Leggings – c/o BOA Creates 
Shoes – Freshly Picked 
What are you looking forward to this Fall?