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February 9, 2017


December 11, 2016. My sweet Maxwells birthdate. Little did we know he’d decided to grace us with his presence five weeks before his due date. A few weeks prior to my delivery I started to have some small preterm labor issues, but nothing that seemed too out of the ordinary. My OB ordered me some meds, told me to take it easy, drink plenty of water and that if I could make another month or two, that it would be great. He also informed me that if I happened to make it to 35 weeks gestation and went into labor, that he would not stop it.

So the wee hours of the morning on December 11th rolled around (I was 35 weeks and 4 day) and I woke up feeling very achy. The days prior would full of lots of discomfort and pressure and I just knew that he’d be coming soon. After drinking lots of water and still having contractions, I decided to take a light walk around the block in hopes that my mind was just playing tricks with me and that I was just experiencing some false labor signs. Still no relief, so I decided to shower. I thought maybe a hot shower would help to ease the pain and make the contractions slowly go away, but no, they were still consistent and painful.

8 hours later, still in pain, I decided maybe we should head to the hospital to just get checked out. I figured they would just confirm that it was false labor and hopefully send me back home. After a quick exam they decided to admit me. I was dilated to a 4 and having true labor contractions. Inside I panicked a little. I knew Max was probably going to come early, given the fact that I delivered Asher at 37 weeks, but I wasn’t exactly sure how it was all going to play out.

After laboring for 7 hours or so and my water finally breaking last minute, Maxwell McGee came into this world. He was quiet, good size (6lbs 9oz) and had a head full of dark hair. I cried. Jacob cried. Here he was, our sweet baby. Every emotion possible ran through my mind… how Asher would react to him… everything. Do to having a preterm birth, my room was full of hospital staff. Doctors, nurses, NICU Doctors.. it was crowded in there. Jacob and I only got to spend about 10 minutes with him until they took him away to nursery to be evaluated. Little did I know that I wouldn’t be able to hold my sweet boy until almost 12 hours later.. talk about a strange feeling. At first we were told that he looked great and that they were just taking precautionary measures with evaluating him. At about midnight the nursery pediatrician came into my room and informed me that Max was having some respiratory issues due to his early arrival. He seemed confident that they would quickly resolve, but after a few hours and him still breathing heavy, they decided to admit him to the NICU where he would be able to get oxygen and a more thorough evaluation.

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July 21, 2016


We’ve been u-pick farming it up here in the mid south and with summer break coming to an end, we hit one last u-pick farm this past week to harvest the last of the summers blueberries and peaches! Asher’s loves all of the summer adventures that the season brings, especially picking his favorites fruits and veggies, and I can’t wait to take him back this fall to go apple, pear and pumpkin picking! I think it’s safe to say that I’ve got a freezer full of fresh fruit to last us the rest of the year!

Living back in the South this summer has been so different than being up North. I’m not going to lie, I sure do miss those mild, humidless, North Dakota summer days. Memphis is HOT. And trying to stay cool on these crazy warm summer days has been challenging, especially when you have a little one who refuses to wear sleeveless tops and requests to wear tennis shoes 24/7. Luckily one of my favorite brands, KEEN, makes a fantastic kids shoe line that is perfect for active kiddos. This summer we tried out their new UNEEK line and I must say, we are huge fans! These shoes have been a favorite of Asher’s and I love how functional, cool and stylish they are!

IMG_9785I’m quite persnickety when it comes to Asher’s shoes. With him being a rough and tough little boy who loves to jump in puddles, climb rocks, ride his cars and attempt to swing from tree branches, I always put him in things that are durable and will last. KEEN’s UNEEK shoe is just that and some. They are durable and comfortable with just the right amount of protection for his little feet. The elastic strap makes it easy for him to slip on and adjust. If a tennis shoe and a sandal had a baby, the UNEEK would definitely be it! My favorite thing about these shoes are that they keep his feet cool on these hot summer days! No more stinky tennis shoes! I love the versatility that these shoes provide and how easy they are to clean! A little dish soap and the garden hose and they are like new again! IMG_9777IMG_9781IMG_9783IMG_9782IMG_9784IMG_9786IMG_9788

Be sure to check out KEEN‘s new UNEEK line for kids HERE! They come in five different colors that are oh so stylish! Parents, you will love these! :)

A huge thank you to KEEN for letting us try out their new UNEEK line!