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October 27, 2016


Sunday afternoon we headed to the Mississippi River State Park in Marianna, Arkansas for a few nights of camping. Tucked in the middle of the St. Francois National Forest, the park offers tons of great hiking trails and a wonderful primitive camp site on Bear Creek Lake. Camping on a Sunday and Monday night was a great decision because we basically had the entire campground to ourselves. Our tent was park out on a peninsula like portion of the park and it was the most perfect spot to hang out. We fished, explored, cooked lots of yummy food and just enjoyed a few days of being unplugged. The days were warm, nights cool and the smell of Fall was in the air. Asher rolled in the dirt, built a hot wheel track around our campsite and I’m pretty sure his fingers are still sticky from all the marshmallows he ate. I hope that someday he’ll look back and have the best memories of the little mini adventuring trips we take him on… xo. @emilyloeffelman@emilyloeffelman@emilyloeffelman @emilyloeffelman@emilyloeffelman@emilyloeffelman

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September 21, 2016


Labor Day weekend we decided to head to the coast for a few days of R+R. It’s been such a busy summer for us that a little time to recharge, before the fall and upcoming holiday season, was totally needed. The perk to being back in the south is that we are only a short and easy days drive from the beach! And since Asher’s been to the Atlantic and the Pacific, we decided to take him on his first Gulf trip to the beautiful Orange Beach, Alabama, which is nestled right smack-dab in the middle of Alabama’s beautiful coastal beaches. If you haven’t been yet, it’s a must!

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fun + affordable gulf coast family vacation! click thru to read more... We had three goals planned for this little mini vaca – relax, eat good food and spend quality time together, which we most certainly did. Our days were filled with watching the sunrise, coffee on the beach, sandcastles (lots and lots of sandcastles), afternoon naps, delicious dinners, evening sunsets, and crab hunting. It was magical. The weather this trip was a little so-so (thanks Hermine), but our days were still great. There’s just something about slow, overcast beach days that are good for the + affordable gulf coast family vacation! click thru to read more... fun + affordable gulf coast family vacation! click thru to read more...

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May 13, 2016


strawberry patch funYes, that’s right. We’ve moved, again… This time to the Memphis, TN area. Jacob found out just a few short weeks ago that he’d be getting transferred with his job, so being the moving pros that we are, we packed up our little house and headed to the Mid South. It’s definitely bittersweet I must say. I miss my house, my neighborhood, my yard, my mailman, asher’s school and even my job. This move came pretty quick and I just wasn’t emotionally prepared for all of it, but, hey, I’ll adapt, sooner or later… I’m learning that there’s really no such thing as planning in life… well there is, just not exactly as how you think it should work.

As for the Mid South so far I must say that it is a different world from North Dakota. The weather is warmer, trees are bushy, people seem pretty friendly and I can finally order a sweet tea again at a restaurant. Earlier this week, Asher and I ventured out to a strawberry patch and I must say I’m so looking forward to the longer growing season here and the abundance of farmer’s markets the area has to offer.

And that’s pretty much it. We are going to do a little more exploring this weekend. I’ll keep y’all posted on our latest adventures. 😉