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budget friendly midcentury meets boho bath reno! we have (almost) finally sourced everything for our little bathroom renovation we’ve been eagerly planning since we finished our flooring (you can see some before photos HERE). i’ve been trying to really take my time on making these big decisions + really thinking them through. our main floor bath has been floor-less since I pulled the existing pink carpet up (yuck). it was a must do. carpet in baths only equal one thing, grossness.

with our little bath reno comes a budget. home renos are expensive and we are trying to do them as penny savvy as possible. we have kept most of the things that would have been crazy expensive to replace in bath and are doing all of the work ourselves to cut cost. I love saving money on things + being able to make inexpensive things look expensive. we have so many projects to tackle in this house and I’m trying to stretch our dollars as far as I can! here’s a little breakdown of what we’ve got planned for the space –

tub – keep existing tub + paint with a ceramic tub painting kit.

toilet – replace. surprisingly you can purchases toilets for a pretty cheap price.

tile – tilebar penny tile on floor, subway tile on walls.

countertops – after pricing countertops that were insanely expensive ($800+) we decided to go with a wood countertop in the bath. sounds crazy, but jacob’s got a pretty strategic plan to waterlox it. the entire countertops will cost us under $30. you can’t beat that!

vessel sink – I was able to find a vessel sink and modern faucet on amazon for under $100. amazon is my go to these days. if you are doing some home renos, I highly recommend that you shop there!

hardware – cabinet knobs, new towel rack.

lighting – the current light doesn’t put off much lighting so we will be updating it!

and some fun odds and ends! plants, rug, basket, towels, you know the fun stuff!

so whatcha think?! I’m excited to get started!




diy minimal light fixture

i love when my diy projects go as planned. never in my life did i think i would get such pleasure from a do-it-yourself project, but my goodness when they turn out right, i get all giddy inside. i got this genius idea (thank you pinterest) to whip up some flush mount lighting for a few areas in our house that were in desperate need of something new. the original 1971 fixtures were still intact and looking mighty dull, so it was time… i shopped around on the web, prior to thinking I could create something, and my goodness lighting is expensive and not really in my tight budget. i considered just putting something cheap up, but i thought if I could whip up something affordable, then I would do that… and boom. it worked. and it’s all i’ve been talking about since… i’m over the moon pleased with how these little fixtures turned out + the fact that they were under $10 each makes me a very happy gal. so here’s the how to!


what you will need – 

ceramic light socket (these come with screws) – you can find these at Lowe’s in the electrical aisle + they are under $2.

high heat spray paint – which you can also find at Lowe’s.

painters tape

light bulb – I used a round basic bulb found HERE, but you can use whatever bulb you prefer.

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DIY Himalayan Salt Scrub

one of my biggest resolutions this new years was to buy/make/provide/shop for items that are simple. ones made of little product. ones that I knew exactly what was in them. ones that didn’t have anything on the label that I couldn’t pronounce or know what it was. and ones that were affordable. we spend so much money on crap. yes crap. and i’d like to stop that.

so far i’ve made a pretty good dent in replacing items in our pantry with better options, stocking our laundry room with homemade soaps and filling our bathroom cabinets with a little more health conscious and homemade options. one of those homemade options being this himalayan pink salt scrub.. and let me tell you. it is soooo good. i like to use it for my face + lips.

all you need to make this amazing little scrub is two ingredients.

– raw himalayan pink salt (you will want to grind this salt fine or you can buy the fine salt) + coconut oil (organic if possible)

both of these items can usually be found in your grocery store’s natural foods aisle.

mix equal parts salt with coconut oil, blend well and store in a small glass jar. 

a little goes a long way with this scrub and a small container will last you many months. if you want to jazz up your scrub feel free to add therapeutic grade essential oils of your choice. when using this scrub lightly massage it onto your skin in circular motion. if you have sensitive skin take caution when using and be sure to grind your salt very finely.

himalayan salt offers the body + soul many wonderful benefits + i hope you enjoy this scrub as much as i do.





Today I thought it would be fun to start sharing some before photos of our house and the progress we’ve made thus far. We still have a ways to go, but we’ve done some pretty big things to the house since we moved in. Today i’m going to start with our main floor bath. THIS BATH. MY GOODNESS. I think it scared potential buyers away when it was listed so I’m kinda thankful for it’s ugliness. You know when we looked at this bathroom the first thing that caught my eye was the avocado green tub + toilet. The carpet really didn’t phase me too much + neither did the large hanging boob lights or the silk wallpaper. I knew a little TLC + paint would do wonders to this space…

"before photo" BEFORE



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