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This blog of mine. Where do I even start. Something that started off as just a late night spur of the moment idea (over four years ago) blossomed into something so beautiful. It’s taken me on some wild adventures, opened so many doors, showcased some of the things that I am ever so proud of, and most importantly, served as an outlet for me to express my creativity.

So with that being said, you may have noticed a few things that are different around here. One being the name and two being the layout of things. I’ve decided that it’s time for a little change. “Everything Emily” is being retired and from here on out I will be using my name, Emily Loeffelman. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to grow this blog of mine into a personal business (I’m even working on some things locally!) so I figured it was time for a little more sophistication. I’m so incredibly grateful to have done so and can’t wait to share some of my new experiences with you guys. There will still be plenty of fun posts, do it yourself projects and an entire house I’m anxiously awaiting to share, but I will also be sharing some of my lifestyle design endeavors, visual styling projects and maybe some occasional photography.. maybe. đŸ˜‰ And don’t worry, all of my old posts and projects will remain here.

I feel like this blog of mine has grown with me through the years and the time has come to switch her up just a bit. So here’s to new adventures, good changes and a new chapter.

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I snapped these photos of Max this past week. We are all settling into life with the new guy around and I must say, it’s been a complete joy. Asher is in love with the him and we feel the same way….@emilyloeffelman www.everythingemilyblog.comIMG_0686@emilyloeffelman



Asher headed back to school this week after a nice long winter break and it was much tougher on him than I anticipated it to be. He attends a morning/early afternoon program here, that’s a few days a week, and usually really enjoys it! With that being said, I always make sure to have a delicious lunch packed for him, when I pick him up, because he is usually STARVING. All of that learning, coloring, singing and hanging with his pals works up quite the appetite. img_0628My go to lunchbox, as of late, has been this super handy, functional and eco-friendly box that my wonderful friends at PlanetBox sent to Asher to test out. Not only is it totally kid approved, but mama approved as well! This box has been a lifesaver for packing his lunches and here’s why –

FUNCTIONAL – The best thing about this PlanetBox, other than the fact that it’s environmentally friendly, is that it is incredibly functional. The compartments are wonderful and easily separate everything out so it doesn’t touch, because if your preschooler is like mine, NO FOOD MUST TOUCH.. EVER. And you don’t ever have to buy a box of sandwich bags ever again! This lunchbox is like an all-in-one! Amazing!

Aside from the handy individual compartments, the lunchbox is also very compact, which is great for packing to school. No bulky oversized box here.. even the icepack is compact and takes up very, very minimal space! This lunchbox is engineered in the most perfect, functional way and that’s hands down my favorite thing about it!

The last functional thing I love about this lunchbox is that it sits flat. So when I pick Asher up for school and he eats in the car, I don’t have to worry about opening bags or handing things back to him. I simply pop this lunchbox open, sit it on his lap and he munches away. When he’s done, he closes the lid, slide the snap shut, which is small hands friendly, and sets it beside him. Eating in the car has never been easier.

STYLE – Aside from it’s killer functionality, I adore the style of this lunchbox. It’s minimal, saves a ton of room in the refrigerator and has the cutest interchangeable magnets that Asher loves. I’m sure most of you know that he’s currently space obsessed so the Nebula magnets are of course his number one choice! He even has a matching case to slide the lunchbox into!

OPTIONS – The PlanetBox comes in three truly wonderful sizes. I went with the “Rover” because it has just the right amount of compartments and is size friendly for a preschooler. The Rover includes the lunchbox, 2 extra containers, a set of magnets, an icepack and a bag/cover to carry everything in. It’s a total bang for the buck! View the Rover PlanetBox HERE.

ECO-FRIENDLY – I’m all for raising a child who’s conscious of the environment around him and that start’s by myself educating him on ways he can protect this magnificent little earth we reside on and also exposing him to products with a purpose. This lunchbox is so incredibly environmentally friendly. From being crafted from stainless steel (a recyclable product), to using minimal space and being REUSABLE, this box does our planet good. It reduces the amount of plastic you will use, which isn’t only planet friendly, but budget friendly as well. Think of all the extra $ you will have by not having to buy plastic containers or bags. And I feel great by providing Asher with a lunchbox that’s environmentally educational.

DISHWASHER SAFE – The PlanetBox fits perfectly into my dishwasher and washes clean! It also leaves no residue or smells. I hate plastic for that very reason and love that this lunchbox washes so well.

OVERALL – Hands down, I’m in awe over this lunchbox. I never thought I could develop a serious love for a lunchbox, but this one is life changing. For a busy mama, like myself, this product simplifies things for me and allows me to construct a healthy and well balanced lunch for my picky preschooler that’s nutritious and appealing. When little Max starts solids I will totally be investing in the smaller version of the lunchbox. img_0634img_0640img_0636img_0647img_0654img_0655img_0644img_0631

You can read more about planet box HERE and also check out their Meal Ideas page (it’s amazing!) HERE. I’ve pulled so many great lunches together using it!

Visit PlanetBox’s website HERE and be sure to check them out on their social media handles as well! FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER / PINTEREST 




Meet Max… img_0574

December has been a busy month for us! We moved into our new house and shortly after we welcomed Maxwell McGee into the world. So here he is, all 6lbs and 9oz of him! – xo