Since I get a lot of questions about our home, I figured I would create a little index of everything and where you can find it. I hope this helps those of you remolding, building, planning, daydreaming, etc!

Wall paint color – Our walls are painted in Sherwin Williams “Pure White”. This is the second house that we have painted this color and we LOVE it! Such a good white!

Trim – Our trim is 6″ MDF. MDF is CHEAPER than wood and just as good of quality! Save the pennies on the difference and use MDF.

Trim paint color – Our trim paint color is also Sherwin Williams “Pure White” just with a gloss finish – makes wiping them down super easy!

Blinds – Our blinds are actually from a local small business, but they are 2″ faux wood blinds (white). We also saved here by going with faux wood instead of real wood. They are insanely durable and easy to wipe down, which I love. They’ve also held up well and seem to help with the heating and cooling.

Floor – Our wood floors are from BPI Prestige collection and the color is “Saddle”. They are engineered hickory hardwood and they are solid! insanely hard to scratch, tough, and come with a 25 year finish warranty. Engineered is almost always cheaper than real hardwood and has just the same resale value! Save your money here if you can!