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Hi there! If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m Emily. I’m originally from a small town in Missouri and currently reside in a quaint little Southern town with my husband Jacob and our two babies. Jacob and I have lived and traveled to many different places across the US due to his past military service and now we’ve settled down, recently built a home and are doing the day to day life… aka parent/adult stuff.


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  1. Maggie @Maggie Overby Studios

    Just ran across your blog on Dwellinggawker and came right over, what a lovely blog.! Looks like your having fun settling in you first home. As a fellow military spouse I know how nice that is, I’m still waiting for the forever home but have had fun with fixing up all the ones we’ve been in up till now. So Glad I ran across you.
    Your newest Reader,


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