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December has been a busy month for us! We moved into our new house and shortly after we welcomed Maxwell McGee into the world. So here he is, all 6lbs and 9oz of him! – xo



I am seven short weeks away from my due date and the reality is finally soaking in. (AHH!) Between building a house and taking care of a busy four year old, I’ve kept pretty busy this go around. I still have much to do – set up a nursery, find the perfect carseat, amongst other baby gear, wash clothes and get my hospital registration done, so these next few weeks are going to be busy ones! I’m hoping my energy levels increase and that “nesting phase” kicks into high gear!

With that being said, the baby product market has significantly changed in the past four years and my goodness is it amazing. There are seriously so many incredible and unique products on the market right now that do it all. As excited as I am to be breaking some of my old favorites back out, here are some new products that I am drooling over. Like that SNOO Smart Sleeper! Here are some of my most favorite new baby products that are on the market! add-a-litext

  1. SNOO Smart Sleeper – How beautiful is this thing?! Not only is it super stylish, but it’s also incredible functional. Having a reflux baby the first time around and one who didn’t have the best sleep patterns, I’m definitely looking at all my options this time. It was a very sleep deprived first year and a half for Jacob and I and as we all know, sleep is such a necessity for both baby and parents.
  2. Natursutten Pacifiers – My trusty pals over at Cotton Babies led me on to these things and I’ve already ordered a few for number 2. Seem easy to wash and perfect for baby.
  3. Baby Monitor – I’m open to suggestions if any of you have monitors that you love! I used one that connected to my phone the last time and just didn’t care all that much for it.
  4. Wild Creek Co. Teethers + Pacifier Clips – These are the sweetest little teether and pacifier clips ever! They are safe, natural and so much better than the basic rubber teether. Asher had a Sophie the giraffe that he dearly loved, but my goodness was she hard to keep clean!
  5. Ubbi Diaper Pail – I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Hands down the best diaper pail ever. Nothing will ever even come close to comparing to this thing and I can’t wait to use it again!!
  6. Odessa + Sons Indigo Swaddles – I adore this little small shop! They make the most beautiful hand dyed swaddles and I’ve totally got one on my wish list for this next babe!
  7. Freshly Picked Moccs – Best shoes ever! And there are so many new colors! I can’t wait to see a sweet babe in them again!
  8. Solly Baby Wrap + Swaddles – These are a must for me this go around. My sister invested in a wrap that she loves and now I’ve got to have one (or two ;)) and some swaddles! Seriously amazing!
  9. Tubby Todd Baby Fresh Spray – I haven’t tried this stuff just yet, but my goodness what a wonderful invention. I had to be careful with daily baths with Asher and this stuff is like full body refreshening spray for babies.. umm yes! And think of all the things you can spritz this stuff with… diaper bag, blankets, carseat, etc.!
  10. Nuna Leaf – I’m definitely in the market for something a little more compact/all-in-one this time around and this Leaf from Nuna totally fits that bill. It’s a baby seat that also swings and doesn’t just last the first 6 months. It’s weighted for up to 130lbs, which is amazing! I love longterm baby products because they are the best bang for your buck!
  11. BumGenius Cloth Diapers – I started with crummy, cheap cloth diapers with Asher and quickly realized they weren’t going to cut it, so this time around I’m investing in the holy grail of cloth diapers.. BumGenius! Durable, safe, and easy to use!
  12. Nook Crib Mattress – I saw these on Instagram a few weeks ago and after doing a little investigating, I was sold. This is an amazing little crib mattress that not only promotes healthy sleep, but is also organic and BREATHABLE. I think we could all sleep a little better at night knowing our babies are sleeping safe and sound on a breathable mattress!
  13. Pearhead Baby Milestone Chart – Pearhead, oh how I love every product they offer! You may have seen my posting on my pregnancy chalkboard and I can’t wait to break out this all about baby chalkboard when he gets here! It’s seriously so handy and such a great way to document his milestones. I can’t wait!

Anything I’m missing? I’d love to hear about your favorite and must have baby products! xo-



So I know it’s the beginning of November, well almost the middle now, but with us moving at the end of the month and preparing for the new baby, I’ve decided to get a head start on all the holiday shenanigans. One of those being our annual holiday book advent. I started doing a book advent with Asher a few years ago and it’s become a holiday favorite. Each year I wrap 25 books, those books being usually holiday related, and starting December first, I let him open one each day until Christmas is here. These books are usually ones we already own (I break them out around Christmas each year), a few new reads and some library ones. Asher loves this little tradition and always look forward to reading to him before bed every night. With that being said, here are some of the books you will find in our book advent this year! – xo [show_lookbook_widget id=”318075″]



Sunday afternoon we headed to the Mississippi River State Park in Marianna, Arkansas for a few nights of camping. Tucked in the middle of the St. Francois National Forest, the park offers tons of great hiking trails and a wonderful primitive camp site on Bear Creek Lake. Camping on a Sunday and Monday night was a great decision because we basically had the entire campground to ourselves. Our tent was park out on a peninsula like portion of the park and it was the most perfect spot to hang out. We fished, explored, cooked lots of yummy food and just enjoyed a few days of being unplugged. The days were warm, nights cool and the smell of Fall was in the air. Asher rolled in the dirt, built a hot wheel track around our campsite and I’m pretty sure his fingers are still sticky from all the marshmallows he ate. I hope that someday he’ll look back and have the best memories of the little mini adventuring trips we take him on… xo. @emilyloeffelman@emilyloeffelman@emilyloeffelman @emilyloeffelman@emilyloeffelman@emilyloeffelman

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